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AM/Shortwave 1.5-30 MHz transmitter sale

Due to a recent transmitter upgrade at IRRS-Shortwave, we are selling a lot of two identical 5/10 kW communication transmitters model Siemens S42043-S305-A1, suitable for classes of emission A1, A2, F1, F4 and F6 (telegraphy) and for classes A3, A3A, A3J and A3B (AM dual band, SSB, AM reduced carrier).

Both transmitters are in good working order, and have been in operation at IRRS-Shortwave until a few months ago. IRRS used both transmitters for continued operation, employing one transmitter full time, and the second as a spare in case maintenance was needed.

A set of spare parts, including antenna dischargers, antenna cable, and various electronics and used tubes are also available.

Technical characteristics

Telegraphy operation key-down power is 5 kW, during telephony operation PEP power is 10 kW. Each transmitter operates in the range from 1.5 to 30 MHz, with fully automatic tuning in max 10 seconds (typical 2-3 seconds in the same band).

Frequency is locked to a crystal-controlled reference. Transmitter can be operated with a remote control interface suitable for computer automation, by controlling all modes of operation including frequency and on/off operation in all modes. Driver stage contains a tube model 4CX350A and the power amplifier stage a tethrode type RS2012CL. The final stage may be modified to host an EIMAC or Svetlana (Russian) made tubes (we will not perform modifications, but we can provide information and/or contact for modification through a third party) or using a Tesla RE 12 XMG. AC power needed: 380/220 V, 3 phase, +10%, -15%, 50 or 60 Hz. Max input power is 20 kVA.

Each transmitter is accommodated in a rack which is 1100 mm wide, 600 mm deep and 1640 mm high. Approx. weight: 680 kg. The control unit, frequency converter and frequency shift keyer are designed as slide- in units with fully transistorized printed circuits. Because of its low height and compact design the transmitters are suitable for fixed and mobile applications, especially for installation in vehicles. The transmitters may be used for operation of a Medium Wave station in the range 1,500-1,600 kHz or for Shortwave operation in the continuous range of 1.5-29.999 MHz, in AM Dual Side Band, AM/USB -3 to -12 dB reduced carrier, or SSB.

Full operating and installation manuals in English are available, with all schematics and printed circuit board templates are included. These are fully working units, perfectly maintained and ready for operation. We sell two twins, fully functional transmitters that can be used for continuous operation keeping one transmitter in standby in the event of faults.

Both transmitters are sold together, as is, but we can provide contact with third party specialized technician for installation and maintenance in Europe (additional fees will apply). Set of spare parts available. See picture 1  and picture 2 and final section close up


Transport and installation costs are not included: buyer must pick up both transmitters, and will be responsible for transport and installation. Both transmitters are functional and can be inspected during operation in Milan, Italy. However: please notice that the equipment is sold “as is”, no guarantee. Several used final tubes are available, that may be rebuilt to provide years of trouble free operation without buying any "new" final.

Regular Price: 32,000 Euros (aprox: 36,777.6 US Dollars) for the two units.

Special liquidation price: 25,000 Euros (aprox.: 28,732.5 US Dollars), as-is, for the lot of two transmitters and including, all available tubes, spare parts and manuals. Private sale, exempt from VAT. FOB Milan, Italy. Sale will be concluded on a first come, first served basis.

Private sale, exempt from VAT. FOB Milan, Italy.

Payment terms: Cash on collection or advance bank transfer or money order. A deposit will be required with your order.

Proceedings from the sale of these transmitters will help, in part, sponsoring the continuation of NEXUS-IBA activities, and the continuation of  our Shortwave transmissions.

For more information please contact: Please apply only if seriously interested.

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