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LIVE! : Internet Radio NEXUS talk channel tests:

LIVE! : IRRS-Shortwave tests (24 kbps):

LIVE! : IRRS-Shortwave tests (low speed):

Live and on-demand RealAudio transmission deploy NEXUS's unique WorldDirector technology to deliver the best audio and fastest WWW pages across the Internet. These transmissions are relayed synchronously from of our servers in Italy, Germany and the USA for improved sound quality and reliability.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: These transmissions are part of the first RealAudio tests at Internet Radio NEXUS dating back in 1995. They are kept on line for historical reasons only, and may have no actuality value. Due to recent cuts on our budget, we are unable to bring you these news items on a reguar basis as much as we would like to do. Please consider becoming a NEXUS-IBA sponsor.

NEXUS-IBA is now providing dedicated audio steaming channels that are fed directly from our members'  Web sites. Such Web sites are part of NEXUS-IBA's worldwide WorldDIrector Content Delivery Network (CDN).  If you are interested in using our innovative technology for audio and video streaming, please contact us at

Check the archives of Hello There, the IRRS-Shortwave listeners' and media program. Hear the latest special from the two Bobs on  the final transmission from the famous Schwarzenburg station used by Swiss Radio International (SRI)  until it was shut down on March 28, 1998. The closure of Schwartzenburg follows similar moves by other international broadcasters, is this the end of  Shortwave radio in Europe, at least as we know it ?

We thank you our sponsors for their support and invite you to visit the sites above. Income from the sale of these products help our stations to stay on the air. Your feedback and support are very much appreciated in order to allow this service to continue and expand.

Most programs are excerpted from IRRS-Shortwave broadcasting in the 41 and 75 meter band to Europe.

Listen to the World Press Freedom Day Message from UNESCO (May 3rd, 1999) : . in  RealAudio 14.4 or RealAudio 28.8

Check our latest schedules to hear us on the air.

United Nations news, the latest weekly reviews on the situation in the former Yugoslavia, UNESCO's Secretary General address for World Freedom Press Day, and other UNESCO programmes, excerpts from our media program "Hello There", The two Bobs, Radio Copan International, European Gospel Radio, and UNEP-PRB's environmental radio series on the Global 500 Challenge awards: all this and more on Internet Radio NEXUS.


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Thanks for your feedback so far! Running this server is expensive and is taking a lot of effort on our part. We need YOUR help to continue, so write us, send your comments and if you may ... become a sponsor of Internet Radio NEXUS !

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Your feedback and support are very much appreciated in order to allow this service to continue and expand. At the moment for IRN we have reserved only a very limited number of connections, therefore, reception of "Internet Radio NEXUS" may be difficult at times. If so, please try again in few moments, or tune your  receiver to 3,985 or 7,120 kHz Shortwave for more programs from NEXUS-IBA in Milano.


Find out more about NEXUS-IBA and our services on FM, Shortwave and over the Internet at
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