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Our non-profit Association has distinguished itself by providing the European audience with first hand news and information from the United Nations and UNESCO, and by offering an alternative media to all program producers who have a message to air, but only limited funds at their disposal. The UN has just recently recognized our efforts in this field, formally associating us to the Department of Public Information.

The first RealAudio station in Europe

For the last two months, NEXUS-IBA has been experimenting a new way of delivering radio programs to a new audience estimated in about 30 million potential listeners worldwide, part of which we could never reach with current Shortwave or satellite transmissions.

This new and exciting technology enables everyone with a simple computer connected to the Internet by modem to hear radio programs with virtually no delay, as if they were indeed listening to a real off-the-air station.

Use it to gather statistics on your program content

Statistics, which are difficult to obtain in the real world, are easily gathered by program heard, date and country where the listener is tuning from, and then sent by fax or e-mail to each program producer. This feature of IRN makes it also an ideal bench to test which program is more appealing to your audience.

In just about one month since we began our tests we experienced a huge success, receiving more than 90,000 connections from listeners, and favorable comments have been pouring in from all over the world. After ending our evaluation period, we have now established full service in Milano, Italy, and are expanding in other locations over the Internet.

How you can use this technology

We have decided to include Internet Radio NEXUS as part of our offer to other broadcasters member and non-members of our Association.

NEXUS-IBA is expanding this service with a network of "relay " stations or servers located in other parts of the world. The first non-European server will be opened in the USA in just a few weeks, and relays in other part of the world are planned for later in 1996.

One server for many International Broadcasters

In line with NEXUS-IBA's philosophy, costs are shared between all users of our services and above all all revenues are re-invested in the Association. By joining our pool of International Broadcasters you will also increase the chance that your programmes are listened, on an additional and innovative media, at a very competitive cost.

NEXUS-IBA has the know-how based on more than ten years of professional experience on the Internet, and resources to guarantee a reliable service, and multiple servers ("relays") around the world, one aspect to be considered when you make your choice for your RealAudio server today.

Join us today, and enjoy free service and our members' benefits

As a policy we offer free service on our media whenever airtime or resources are available, at no extra cost.

Unlike most other commercial services, we are ready to start today with tomorrow's technology, and can get you the air in a very short time.

Join us for a free test today, and you will be delighted by what our volunteer based organization can offer you, a service and free benefits that no commercial company may ever provide you.

With its seat in Milano, Italy, NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association is a strictly non-profit association founded under Italian Law which operates IRRS-Shortwave to Europe and IRRS-Globe Radio Milan on FM. NEXUS-IBA, which is designated as an independent "Community Broadcaster", according to the Italian Broadcasting Law of 1991, makes available broadcast time at cost to members of the Association, with no commercial advertising on the air and, currently, with no corporate underwriting. United Nations Radio is one of the members of NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association. In addition to the UN, membership also includes to date UNESCO, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Pan American Broadcasting Company, Shortwave Radio Switzerland and a number of private individuals.

On the Internet consult our WWW pages located at : "" or listen to the new real-time radio service of "Internet Radio NEXUS (IRN)" located at : "", featuring excerpts of transmissions from IRRS-Shortwave.


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