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NEXUS-IBA Internet services
read about our mirroring policy, and how you can offer fast, local access to your Web pages worldwide. Now available with: WorldDirector and EnginePlus technology.

NEXUS-IBA delivers information to the Internet using multiple servers and a redundant network architecture. WorldDirector seamlessly directs your Web, ftp and RealAudio/RealVideo traffic from our best-performing server through the fastest internet connection. With WorldDirector, your clients can automatically reach your fastest RealAudio/RealVideo, ftp or www site among all of our mirrors located worldwide, thus avoiding internet bottlenecks. NEXUS' WorldDirector is a real plus in improving client's satisfaction, and enhancing your visibility internationally with a 100% uptime guarantee!

Three co-operative WWW servers at the price of one!

The NEXUS-IBA offer includes two or three mirrors servers, strategically located in the USA and Europe at the same rate that you would usually pay for just one server. If you are interested in issues such as WorldDirector (automatic redirection to the closer site), load balancing, reliability, and easy access from Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, NEXUS-IBA is the solution for your company. 

If you are updating your pages yourself, there is no increased hassle, no fuss, since you will be working on a staging server close to your office. We offer FrontPage extensions or ftp as standard, plus many other services, including on-line sales, secure transactions, and credit card processing. You may also rely on our professional graphic consultants, since NEXUS-IBA can also offer you a complete Web page design with original graphics at extremely competitive rates.

WorldDirector allows automatic redirection from your client to the nearest mirror site. We place mirror sites close to your perspective clients, and our proprietary WorldDirector technology will direct your clients to your closer and faster www, ftp, or RealAudio service. WorldDirector helps you improve your image on internet, and get more satisfied clients worldwide.

NEXUS' WorldDirector technology on Internet derives from what broadcasters worldwide use to improve reception of their signal locally: radio relay stations. NEXUS-IBA uses WorldDirector at and selected sites of our clients and NEXUS Association's members to deliver audio, video (RealAudio, MPEG/MP3) as well as text and images (WWW) via ftp, http, udp and other Internet protocols.

Improve your visibility with our proprietary EnginePlus technology

EnginePlus gets you top search engine positioning without requiring any changes to your site and no work on your part. We do it all! We code, submit and maintain positioning for you, and we give you a real-time reporting system that allows you to keep an eye on results 24 hours a day. All of our methods conform completely to search engine rules.

You know very well that if you're not on the first couple of pages of a search result, most likely your perspective clients will not visit your site. You want to come up prominently, and we can help you  improve traffic to your site dramatically. 1,000 or 10,000 more qualified accesses per day? Call us today to get started!

EnginePlus will send high quality traffic to your website. Think about it. If a search engine user types in your keywords, they are very likely to be interested in what your website has to offer. Whether you are selling a product, generating leads, or simply building brand recognition, EnginePlus will create more quality traffic to your site automatically. You can also combine EnginePlus with WorldDirector to make your internet presence even more effective.

NEXUS-IBA Internet services worldwide

NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association (NEXUS-IBA) is a non-profit, international association of broadcasters and program producers, a non-governmental organization (NGO) associated with the Deprtment of Public Information of the United Nations.

 NEXUS-IBA was founded in 1988 in Milan, Italy, but has been operating de-facto already ten years earlier. Our association has been active in public radio (FM) and on Shortwave, on Internet as a service provider for International organizations, and as the first European organization to set up a RealAudio/RealVideo service on the Internet. Since 1994 NEXUS-IBA has established itself as an International Internet Service Provider (ISP), and offers consultation, as well as various Internet services to various international organizations.

NEXUS-IBA has also consultative status with ANTI (Associazione Nazionale Teleradio Indipendenti) for public radio and International policy matters, and NEXUS-IBA’s is present on ANTI’s Executive Board. ANTI is the largest association of Italian private broadcasters (radio and TV). NEXUS-IBA has been providing service to the United Nations’ Department of Public Information (UN/DPI), UNESCO, the BBC, ANTI, to the HFCC (High Frequency Co-ordination Conference) as well as to other organizations and commercial companies worldwide.

NEXUS-IBA also provides consultation for ad-hoc Internet and Intranet solutions in the broadcasting field, and in many  other applications. Through agreements with leading ISPs operating in Italy we can offer end-user and corporations Internet access in Italy via more than forty POPs (Points of Presence). These and other services are available through NEXUS-IBA at very competitive rates.

How to receive more information

Please get in touch with us for a detailed quote, and tell us something about your organization and your needs. We are located in Milano, Italy, but remember: We are an international organization and speak your language!

PO BOX 11028, I-20110 Milan, Italy
phone: +39 02 266 69 71 or: +39 337 297788
fax: +39-02-706 38 151
(from the USA: 011-39-02-2666971, fax 011-39-02-706 38151)



NEXUS-IBA is a strictly non profit organization chartered according to Italian law. Services are rendered at non-profit rates and subject to clients' acceptance to NEXUS-IBA charter and Service Level Agreements set by NEXUS-IBA's Executive board. Being serviced by a team of highly educated professionals,and volunteers, we can usually offer the best value for your money. We welcome members and non members to make full use of all communication media currently operated by our association. All revenues from Internet services are currently used to sponsor NEXUS-IBA's presence on internet and Shortwave radio. Here is a link to our secure site with a hint on how to support us.


Find out more about NEXUS-IBA and our services on FM, Shortwave and over the Internet at
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