NEXUS-IBA offers several solutions to deliver high-quality audio and video streaming services to our members. We also maintain a Content Delivery Network managed by our sister company Wornex International that is able to provide one of the best available and cost effective solutions to any audio, video, text or file distribution requirement. We currently operate several audio and multimedia streaming channels on behalf of our members worldwide. Check for example our own audio streaming service, that serves listeners to IRRS-Shortwave, as well as our radio relay stations. This service is provided via high speed Internet connections provided from NEXUS-IBA web farms in Europe and the USA.


NEXUS-IBA offers a complete ASP managed solution enabling fruitful and constructive debate between citizens and politicians with the intention of facilitating and encouraging "online-democracy". The application is hosted on NEXUS-IBA's high speed Content Delivery Network providing access to potentially millions of simultaneous users, and is managed entirely by NEXUS-IBA's moderation team. This application may be used for other types of market research for public and private companies, or other organizations (i.e. associations, unions, interest groups).

A part of the use in large opinion polls and qualitative analysis, we are currently testing other possible uses in the following areas: consumer surveys, focus groups, media analysis, consulting, advertising research, market research for products and brands, customer satisfaction research, media research, and public opinion including political and corporate image surveys. Our applications may in several cases reduce significantly the cost of running any medium-large scale survey on a rather large group of population. In most cases the cost of conducting a traditional large scale and detailed survey would be significantly high, and results may not have been of the same quality. Our application and innovative methodology instead, is able to reach very high-quality results at a significantly lower cost. More information and a whitepaper describing all possible applications is  available on request.



NEXUS-IBA is offering a full range of Content Management Solutions (CMS) to its members. We offer a full range of services to publish any multimedia content online, including development of custom applications or use of standard CMS systems. Applications are usually hosted at NEXUS-IBA's Web Farms and provide a highly reliable, and scalable service to a number of commercial and non commercial companies. Services to commercial companies are usually contracted via Wornex International's sales team, while NEXUS-IBA manages directly services to non-commercial organizations and its members.

A team of journalists is also available to edit or produce content in many languages to be published online as text, graphics, audio or video. Project management, as well as multimedia editing and production is also available through a single source via NEXUS-IBA or Wornex International.

All content management solutions are delivered via the WorldDirector Content Delivery Network (CDN), that speeds up content with acceleration, adding reliability to any Web based service. this technology results in a Web site or Internet application being delivered very fast to its final user, and being always available, also in case of high demand or network problems. WorldDirector is completely transparent to both server and client, as it does not require any add-on or modification to any server’s application, and does not need any enabler software (i.e. plug in) at the client side. WorldDirector supports all Internet standards, protocols and operating systems, transparently. All of the above features become extremely important, for example, in developing countries, where deficiencies in International connectivity may be the reason of the typical “Site not found” problem and potential loss of revenues for many Internet based applications.


NEXUS-IBA has been engaged in development of several Internet based applications, services and “portals”. A group of 15+ software engineers and two Web design agencies work on ad-hoc projects that serve both the community and commercial interests. Revenues from such projects (if any) are always used as a way of self-financing all of the activities of the association. Such applications are mostly run on NEXUS-IBA managed internet servers in Italy, Germany, Russia and the USA, using the WorldDirector network technology developed at NEXUS-IBA labs, and later available for commercial users and ISPs via Wornex International. Some of the applications have been developed for international broadcasting and paper media organizations, that offer text, and audio & video streaming services to a wide range of listeners in more than ten languages worldwide. We are managing more than 300 Internet domains and Internet based services.


Most of NEXUS-IBA members are small and large broadcasting organizations or small program producers with no broadcasting facilities of their own. As it is often the case, they rely in all or in part, on NEXUS-IBA for strategical know-how and consulting on how to increase the effectiveness of their media distribution, i.e. on how to reach their international audience in the most reliable and cost cost-effective way.


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