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Privacy statement in accordance with Art. 10 of Italian Law 675/96 and  modifications, additions and supplements to this law.

The purpose of Law 675, 31 December 1996 is to ensure that personal information is processed and used in ways that do not violate the rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity of those who have supplied the information. In particular, it safeguards the confidentiality of data supplied and the right to privacy of the individual concerned. Art. 10 of Law 675, 31 December 1996 concerning the safeguarding of confidentiality and privacy, states that it is your right to receive the following information about the processing of any personal data you may send to NEXUS-IBA. We inform you, therefore, that the personal information you supply us with, or which we may acquire through the performance of services, will be processed in ways that safeguard your personal privacy. "Processing information" means the collection, recording, organisation, storage, processing, modification, selection, extraction, collation, utilisation, deletion, distribution and cross-referencing of data, plus any other processing procedures, including combinations of two or more of the activities listed above, that FMC needs for the proper performance of services.

The personal information you send us must be processed in order to:

a) provide you an answer to your request on how to use NEXUS-IBA's services, and help you use them as efficiently as possible;
b) send you announcements and information (if you request so) regarding NEXUS-IBA activities and services;

Most of the processing of your personal information undertaken for the purposes listed above will be done automatically by computer, in conformity with the legal regulations safeguarding confidentiality and privacy. Information will be processed by NEXUS-IBA's employees or contracted staff working under the direct supervision and responsibility of NEXUS-IBA.

Should you deny us authorization to process your personal information for the purposes listed under section a) above, you will be unable to receive a reply to your enquiry and you will not be able to access NEXUS-IBA services, including the possibility of using our relaying facilities or Internet services. Should you deny authorization to process your personal information for the purposes listed under sections c) above, this will in no way prevent you from using NEXUS-IBA's services, though it does mean that you will not receive regular information which NEXUS-IBA  believes is of interest to you.

You personal data will not be transferred in way to third parties unless you become a member of NEXUS-IBA, in which case your data may be transferred, wholly or partly, to:

A) outside organizations that perform functions connected with and essential to the services supplied by NEXUS-IBA, such as radio broadcasting services, Internet services, payment control, accounting, customer services, etc.

Under no circumstances your data will be transferred to marketing organizations, including advertisers and direct mail or telemarketers.

The organization legally entitled to process your personal information is NEXUS-IBA, c/o PO Box 11028, 20110 Milan, Italy.

Please also note that, in conformity with Art. 13 of Law 675/96 concerning personal data processing, those who supply personal information to be processed by NEXUS-IBA have the right to:

1) know whether personal information regarding themselves is being stored and processed. Your right freely to access the data record for this purpose is guaranteed by Art. 31, para. 1, section a) of Law 675/96.
2) receive the information specified in Art. 7, para. 4, sections a), b) and h) of Law 675/96.
3) receive without delay from the organisation legally entitled or legally responsible for processing personal information:

3.1) confirmation or otherwise of the existence of personal information regarding yourself, including any information not as yet recorded. You also have the right to receive this information in an accessible and intelligible form, with details of how it was obtained, and how and for what purposes it is being processed. You may repeat your demand for this information, if you have justifiable cause, at intervals of not less than 90 (ninety) days.
3.2) request deletion, conversion into anonymous form, or veto on use, of information that has been illegally processed, including information which does not need to be stored for the purposes for which it was originally collected or subsequently processed.
3.3) request an update (i.e. amendment or correction) of existing data and, whenever necessary, the addition of new or supplementary data to the record.
3.4) request an official declaration that the individuals and organizations to whom personal information has been passed on have been informed of both the performance and the content of the operations specified under sections 3.2) and 3 3) above, except in cases where this is impossible or would involve an effort demonstrably disproportionate to the need to safeguard the legal right in question.

4) to object for demonstrably legitimate reasons to the processing, wholly or partly, of personal information regarding themselves, even when this information is being processed for the purposes for which it was originally collected.
5) to object to the processing, wholly or partly, of personal information regarding themselves for the purposes of commercial intelligence, direct selling (advertising, mailing), market research or e-commerce; and to be informed, by the organization legally entitled to process personal information, and before the information has been passed on to other individuals or organizations, that they are able freely to exercise this right.

In exercising the rights specified under section 3.1, the individual concerned may delegate written power of attorney or representation to other individuals or organizations. The right of journalists not to divulge their sources of information is safeguarded.

To exercise the rights specified in Art. 13 of Law 675/96 and summarized above, the individual concerned should apply in writing to NEXUS-IBA, PO Box 11028, 20110 Milano, fax: +39 02 70638151. This meets the requirements of Arts 11 and 28 of Law 675/96

By sending personal information to NEXUS-IBA I declare that I have read the privacy statement above and give my informed consent to the collection and processing of personal information regarding myself, and to this information being made available to the individuals and/or organizations listed under sections A) Abovein the ways and for the purposes described therein, including individuals and/or organizations with seat outside Italy and in non-EU countries.

Nota ai sensi della legge 675/96: Il sottoscritto con l'invio dei propria richiesta  manifesta il proprio consenso ai sensi dell'art. 11 L.675/96 al trattamento dei propri dati personali da Ella conferiti. Il trattamento dei dati è effettuato al fine di fornire informazioni circa prodotti, servizi e attività similari dell'associazione NEXUS-IBA. Per le su esposte finalità di informazione, il sottoscritto manifesta altresì il proprio consenso, anche ai sensi dell’art.10 del D.Lgs. 171/98, all’invio di e-mail al proprio indirizzo di posta elettronica. Il conferimento di tale consenso è obbligatorio ed implicito alla richiesta di informazioni di cui alla presente. Il sottoscritto manifesta inoltre il proprio consenso, per la suddetta finalità, per la comunicazione dei propri dati personali Alla NEXUS-IBA. I dati verranno inseriti e conservati in un archivio anagrafico, sia cartaceo che informatico. Il sottoscritto prende atto che il conferimento dei dati personali è facoltativo. Il mancato consenso tuttavia determinerà l’impossibilità di dare corso ad ogni eventuale richiesta di informazioni. Titolare del trattamento è la NEXUS-IBA, con sede in Milano, CP 11028, CAP 20110. Il sottoscritto può in ogni momento esercitare, nei confronti della stessa, i diritti di cui all'art. 13 L. 675/96. Responsabile del trattamento è il legale rappresentante pro-tempore della NEXUS-IBA.

La presente nota integra e completa la nota redatta in lingua inglese di cui sopra.

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