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NEXUS-IBA's  WorldDirector technology automatically connects you to the closest mirror, improving speed and reliability to our clients' servers.

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NEXUS-IBA is an International Internet Service Provider (I2SP), with Internet servers located worldwide. Check our services and write us for a quotation.

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This is the Home of IRRS-Shortwave and Internet Radio NEXUS (IRN)

Welcome to NEXUS-IBA's US West Coast Server. You've been redirected automatically to your nearest and fastest NEXUS's server by WorldDirector. NEXUS-IBA uses WorldDirector technology to provide our international audience the fastest Internet delivery of text, images, audio and video simultaneously via multiple servers located worldwide. We are now able to provide hosting and multimedia streaming from the USA, Germany, Italy and Russia.

WorldDirector is NEXUS-IBA's Hi Tech product that provides you the best quality and highest speed in delivering real-time text, graphics and multimedia over the Internet. Both commercial and non-commercial organizations enjoy our low rates and the exceptional quality of our Internet and media services worldwide. 

We are a multi-media international service provider : since 1979 we have been on the air on FM in Milano, Italy. As of 1988 we have been operating IRRS-Shortwave, currently on 3,985 kHz and 7,120 kHz to Europe, N Africa and the Middle East. NEXUS-IBA is also the European leading non profit association of broadcasters on Shortwave and, since 1994, a great value-added International Internet Service Provider (I2SP) for commercial and non profit organizations. 

Please request a membership application form to start airing via IRRS-Shortwave or to make full use of our world-wide Internet services.

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Read about our mirroring policy and our Internet hosting services. NEXUS-IBA is an International Internet Service Provider (IISP). We are proud to offer these services to our members and clients worldwide.

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For information on NEXUS-IBA's services, please send e-mail to, phone us at +39-02-266 6971 (from the USA:011-39-02-266 6971) or FAX your request to +39-02-706 38 151. If you have problems or comments concerning our WWW service, please send e-mail to

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