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NEXUS-IBA's charter
NEXUS was chosen as our name because this Latin word says it all: a link or point of connection. What better way to describe our international radio and Internet services! But NEXUS also stands for more than just physical connection using a variety of technologies. It also means communication and the free flow of information around the world. When you become part of NEXUS-IBA, you are becoming part of a dynamic and highly professional and creative team devoted to utilizing the latest technologies for the promotion of international broadcasting and Internet services at the lowest possible cost.

NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association is officially chartered as a strictly non-profit organization in accordance with Italian law. This means that our highly-motivated team is entirely volunteer, and that financial resources are channelled directly into maintaining and developing our technical facilities. This assures NEXUS-IBA's members and non-members alike the very lowest service rates possible. Please follow this secure link to find out how you can support our activities.

How does NEXUS-IBA manage to offer high quality services at such low rates?

First, NEXUS-IBA purchases Internet bandwidth at wholesale, quantity rates from the most competitive and reliable national and international telecommunication providers. Then, our highly innovative staff is constantly in tune with the very latest technologies that improve quality and reliability while reducing operating costs. And last but not least, by nature, NEXUS-IBA is non-profit, and can and does pass all savings along to its members and clients.

Please support our activities on Radio and the Internet. We are non profit, non commercial, and completely reliant on individual readers, listeners and members contributions. This allows us to keep our independence.


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