Anyone with a halfway-sensible message is welcome to use our broadcasting infrastructure.

That was the original pioneering concept when a small group of idealistic innovators decided to put a private, independent FM radio station on the air in Milan, Italy back in 1979. In an equally bold move, a powerful shortwave station followed in 1988. Two years later, NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association was officially born, and legally chartered, with its headquarters in Milan.

In 1994, NEXUS-IBA expanded and further updated its infrastructure to become an Internet provider for international organizations, and became the first to provide streaming audio and video technolgies in Europe. Other Internet services are now offered, including technical and website design consultation.
Today, NEXUS-IBA is still synonymous with the concept of free expression using a hybrid of media according to the needs of individual members and clients.

NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association is officially designated as a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Past and present members and clients of NEXUS-IBA include small and large international organizations and companies in different parts of the world.
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